2012, forecasts and pragmatism

By Emmenay

So, is the world as we know it, coming to an end in 2012? Is the Mayan calendar going to prove that it is absolutely right? Are we ready for the Apocalypse? What about the second coming of Jesus Christ (PBUH)? What about the Gog and the Magog and the anti-Christ? Is all this going to take place and be over within two years from now? Hmm...

The fact is that some of us are very fatalistic at times. Sometimes this becomes too much and beyond reason. On the contrary if we start being serious about everything that is practical and pragmatic and prevent the reality of things from being hushed into the background, only then will our coming years be what we want them to be...as opposed to what we imagine they would be. The obsession with predictions of seers and forecasters of the future is getting undue importance. This has happened in the past, is going on at present and will be so in the future too. That is because some of us like it to be so...even though there is no solid proof about anything, there are those among us who love to cling to premonitions and predictions. It is amazing to see even logical minds get carried away by illogical theories!

All this reminds one of the forecasts made by astrologers about how happy Britain's Prince Charles and late Princess Diana Spencer were going to be after marriage. Everybody interested in charting out star maps and

sun signs said there could have never been a better union so far as marital bliss mattered. Yet, what really happened shows that all these predictions were untrue. Not only was the marriage a failure but it ended with the unforeseen death of Diana in 1997.

An astrologer friend told me that no real astrologer could say all that was said about Charles and Diana by considering just their sun signs. Everything matters before accurate horoscope charts are made, especially the time of birth and the geographical zones, which are different for each city and country of the globe. So, she pointed out to me, those who predicted about the "great success" of the Royal Windsor Marriage of the 1980s, could not have really been that accurate. It is not just correct to say that if one's sun happens to be in the constellation of Scorpio and the other one’s in Cancer then the two are going to click and succeed in their matrimony. The ascendants (meaning the position of Earth in the zodiac path), the moon signs (the position of the moon when one is born) and every minute and small detail has to be taken into account, before the horoscope chart is made.

This brings us back to 2012 and the Mayan theory on the world ending in that year. Did the Mayans have a lunar calendar or a solar one? Did they know about Christ's (PBUH) birth and the way Christianity was going to be in the years to come? Did they know about the other continents of this planet when they made their calendar? The Mayans inhabited most of South America and their predictions were mostly regional. Thus it cannot be factually accepted that they knew about the fate of this entire planet along with its seas and islands just on the basis of their regional knowledge. It is not for the logical minds to accept everything they said as the gospel truth.

Here, one can also ask as to how many predictions of the Mayans were correct till 2012, so far as the lands and seas beyond their knowledge mattered. Did the Mayan calendar speak about the rise and fall of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslim empires? Did they say anything about the two world wars of the 20th century? What about China and Australia, Japan and Africa? What about New Zealand or the Arctic and Antarctic Ocean belts? Is this too much to ask for? Why bank on an ancient calendar and scare the wits out of those who are already afraid of how this planet is going to be in the years to come? Isn't it absurd, to say the least?

It will do us far more well if we get more concerned about how we are at the moment and get involved in working on matters that can improve our planet and increase the chances of its survival in the future. Let us tackle the global dangers of climate change caused by the Ozone hole in our atmosphere. Let us cope with the Greenhouse Effect and other hazards that are threatening to destroy our land and promise to have a disastrous effect on our day to day lives. Let us stop thinking about what is going to happen just because the Mayan calendar does not mention anything about this century and its events.

Global poverty and famine, storms and asteroids, atomic wars and manic dictatorial regimes matter much more than the Mayan theory about 2012 does. Let us be sensible and do our best to make our present good. If we can really contribute in making it better than the future too will be fine. That is what history proves and that is what we should believe in. Let premonitions and fatalistic misinterpretations of legends and lores of old be where they belong...in the book shelves of library archives. Let us learn to live amicably as reformed and refined human beings.

The exact future is known only to the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe and all other dimensions. It is God Almighty who decides, so let us have faith in Him, before we start worrying unnecessarily about 2012. Only God knows how and when He is going to end it all...so let us not risk the moments that matter now for something about which we do not really know. Getting topsy-turvy about what we think looms ahead before us in our fantasies is not logical. Being level headed and pragmatic is very important because that is what our present state of worldly affairs demands.