Sustainability tour stop: LED lights at the Improvement Centre

ere are some shots from The Sustainability Initiative tour stop on Oct. 25 at Improvement Centre, Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. The facility is involved in testing the use of Philips LED lights in the greenhouse setting. Below is a profile of what the facility is all about, provided to tour participants:

The Improvement Centre is the key practical centre for the most optimal cultivation processes. Research and experiments are conducted related to cultivation processes and techniques.

The greenhouse complex consists of 11 separate research department—each about 1.000m2. It offers testing of cultivation processes for horticulture under perfect conditions. Through experimentation, it is possible to estimate the effect that specific techniques, products and innovations may have on a larger scale in a production greenhouse. In this way, major risks can be avoided.

Companies from the horticulture sector involved in technical and cultivation areas may use this practical centre by becoming a participant. As a participant, they can experiment with and do research on products and procedures in a protected practical environment.

Participants who use the services of the Improvement Centre are primarily technical producers of horticulture products, suppliers and parties who are active in (cultivation) technical experiments. The practical centre is also valuable to cultivation societies for vegetables and flowers, cultivation companies and large nurseries.

Each participant has a subscription which provides them with the right to conduct research, tests and demonstrations in the Improvement Centre, either individually or with other parties.

Technical Trials, October 11-15, 2010

Seventeen leading technical producers, including the Improvement Centre, opened their doors to entrepreneurs from the international horticulture sector during Horti Fair 2010. These company visits provided both national and international horticultural entrepreneurs with the most complete overview of Dutch horticultural technology. Producers and various research centers exhibited the latest technologies.